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  • Type: Delta | String

  • Default: {}

  • Return: Delta

    Two-way binding editor content, can be Delta object, plain text, or html string, see Quill Delta docs for more details.


    Your content and content type must match, if you want to use html as your content you must set your contentType to html, as well as text.


  • Type: Delta | String

  • Default: {}

    Contents for the editor, can be Delta object, plain text, or html string, see Quill Delta docs for more details.


  • Type: "delta" | "html" | "text"

  • Default: delta

    VueQuill supports three content type delta, html, and text, and make sure to set contentType if you want to use html or plain text as your content.


    Use delta (default value) content type to prevent issues and is the best practice.


  • Type: Boolean

  • Default: true

    Set ability for user to edit, via input devices like the mouse or keyboard.


  • Type: Boolean

  • Default: false

    If true, the editor won't allow changing its contents. Wraps the Quill disable API.


  • Type: String

    The attribute to specifies a short hint that describes the expected value of an input field (e.g. a sample value or a short description of the expected format).


  • Type: "snow" | "bubble" | ""

  • Default: "snow"

    The name of the theme to apply to the editor, Quill features two officially supported themes: snow and bubble. Pass "" to use the minimal core theme. See the docs on themes for more information on including the required stylesheets.


  • Type: String | Array | Object

    Toolbar options to configure the default toolbar icons using an array of format names, see Toolbar section for more details.


  • Type: Object | Object[]

    Options to register modules, see Modules section for more details.



  • Type: Object

    Global Options to configure Quill, see the docs options for more details


    Only use globalOptions when you register QuillEditor component globally

  • Usage:

    import { createApp } from 'vue'
    import { QuillEditor } from '@vueup/vue-quill'
    const app = createApp()
    // define your options
    const globalOptions = {
      debug: 'info',
      modules: {
        toolbar: 'minimal'
      placeholder: 'Compose an epic...',
      readOnly: true,
      theme: 'snow'
    // set default globalOptions prop
    QuillEditor.props.globalOptions.default = () => globalOptions
    // register QuillEditor component
    app.component('QuillEditor', QuillEditor)

Released under the MIT License.